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External frames DoorHan, series FP (90/60/45), intended for the leveling platform mounting are used in that case, when it is necessary to enable the storage spaces as much as possible.

They are installed on the open ramps or opposite the gate aperture, for example, in areas, where it is impossible to make a sink in the storehouse floor for the leveling platform.

One of the external frame qualities is the possibility of their mounting and modernization without changing of the main building structure. Due to the external frames it is possible to organize the transshipment sites, where there is not provided truck parking perpendicularly to the building. Their design makes it possible to use all types of the leveling platforms, both with the rotary access ramp and with the sliding access ramp (they are not included in delivery set and have to be ordered separately). External frames are produced with three types of building abutment angles– 90о, 60о and 45о. The installation is performed using the superimposed mounting, which speed is achieved by means of preframed unit delivery.

Fundamental advantages:

  • storage space maximum utilization;
  • possibility of modernization without the main building reconstruction;
  • rapid erection.

Tekniset tiedot

Operating temperature from -35 to +70 °С
Class of framework surface cleaning before painting Sa 2


Length of external truss 2500 mm 3000 mm 3500 mm 4000 mm 4500 mm
Weight of external truss 45°, kg 1385 1457 1569 1664 1738
Weight of external truss 60°, kg 1169 1241 1353 1448 1522
Weight of external truss 60°, kg 732 804 916 1011 1085



  1. Left pedestal
  2. Right pedestal
  3. Front support beam
  4. Rear support beam
  5. Intermediate support beams
  6. Support

The external trusses FP 90/60/45 consist of two pedestals (parallelepipeds with a ribbed plate on the top part), front and rear support beams, an intermediate beam (depending on the design parameters) and bottom supports. The “diagonal” truss differs in the fact, that it has a triangular insert with the corresponding angle 45° or 60° along its rear part and with a top ribbed plate.

Vaihtoehdot ja lisävarusteet

Dimensions according to dimensions of dockleveller different, per order
Contact angle 90/60/45° different, per order
Colour* blue (RAL 5005) different