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Kuormaussillat taittuvalla kärjellä

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DLHH series electrohydraulic dock leveller with rotary access ramp are optimum devices which make it possible to organize the transshipment site and to provide quick loading and unloading. After activation the platform is lifted and turning access ramp opens.


Then the platform is lowered until it reaches the vehicle body floor. The system is ready to work. After finishing loading and unloading the platform is lifted, access ramp lowers down and takes up the vertical position, the platform returns to initial position. Installation may be performed by means of both embed and hanging method of mounting. It is possible to perform the platform delivery optionally with oil for works under cold temperature (up to -50 °С).


Fundamental advantages:
availability of self-purifying joint hinges between the platform and access ramp;
the access ramp length is 400 mm (it may be optionally increased up to 500 mm);
during the work with the truck which has distortion, the side inclination is possible up to 100 mm;
due to the yellow-black signal strip one can see, that the platform is located above the fixed ramp level;
access ramp supports provide the safety transverse motion on the platform in closed position;
hydraulic unit security system will stop the platform instantly in case of hose rupture or unauthorized vehicle movement during the work;
side curtain airbags prevent ingress of maintenance staff feet to the gap between the platform and the sink during the work;
retention mechanism (repair support) provides safe performance of platform maintenance and repair.