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d.sH-rd sarjan kuormaustiivisteet


(Suomenkielinen teksti tulossa..)

The sealers of the aperture with the rigid frame, series D.SH-RD, are functionally estimated for large freight flow, and this is reflected in their design. The frame is produced of sandwich panels, fringed with aluminium shape. The frontal temple is produced of aluminium shape, colored by means of powder method.


The frontal leaf material is sufficiently elastic, possesses high endurance and rupture strength. During the loading and unloading works the body of the truck partly drives into the sealer. The top sealer leaf and the side vertical sealer leafs cover the body, providing the impermeability between the car body and the storage building. Using this sealer type it is necessary to install the tracks for wheels or metal bump stops in the area before dock. The installation is performed using the superimposed method.

Fundamental advantages:
the top sealer leaf may be both single and double – for better contact with the car body;
white retroreflective strips located on the vertical frontal leafs provide true parking;
more long-lived and power efficient design.